These past few days have been pretty rough for me. Early Friday morning my 8.5 year old dog Pitch had a seizure, followed by another one a few hours later. We took him to the vet to get some blood work done and see what was going on. Pitch then had five more seizures over the course of the next 24 hours. We had him stay overnight at the emergency vet last night so they could keep an eye on him, give him a saline drip to re-hydrate him, and to begin his epilepsy drug treatment. Yesterday the blood work came back clear, which could mean a couple different things: It's possible that he is experiencing late onset epilepsy (it usually manifests in dogs between 1-7 years) or he could have some sort of neurological condition or tumor. We are planning on bringing him to see a specialist and get his head looked at this coming week.

Right now he hasn't had a seizure since yesterday morning but he's definitely not acting like himself(whiny, crazy about food, pacing around the house/yard, and acting loopy. Basically not acting like our chilled out Pitch). We're hoping that it's a result of the 7 seizures and the drugs he's been put on. . . hopefully these changes will go away over the course of the next few days.

Anyone who has a pet they love dearly will understand just how hard it is to feel totally helpless. There is nothing I can do for my dog, who i love more than anything. The seizures were a nightmare to watch but this personality change is even harder. I just want my sweet dog back.